Raft Survival Underwater Shark 1.0.0

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As the player, you control a very hungry shark and go on a crazy ocean rampage, eating everything in your path to keep the killing spree going and surviving as long as possible! Explore a beautiful underwater world and evolve iconic sharks like the Great White and the Megalodon!
Dive into the depths of the ocean and transform it from a defenseless baby shark to the legendary sea creature everyone fears. Explore a dangerous world of encounters with scuba divers, boats and other fish. Jump to the surface and leave innocent sunbathers, jet skiers, boaters and swimmers terrified in these warm waters, hunting and attacking them all. Kill and eat without letting anyone survive - it's your dinner time! Upgrade your hungry shark into an epic sea monster hunt! . . However, watch out for the shooters as they will shoot as soon as they see them.
Your idle shark must evolve to increase its power in the ocean. Remember, you are not the only predator in coastal waters! Just tap and grow, hunt and eat. Each sea beast has unique bonuses to increase your profit and power. Evolve your fish into a great white, megalodon or hammerhead! They have scary 3D jaws to bite! Upgrade your monsters' swim speed, damage and resistance levels.
Get ready to enjoy the best animal adventure game Hungry Shark Evolution! Take control of an angry and hungry fish in this aquatic feeding frenzy. Eat everything in your path. Evolve your beast and become a giant shark, the top legendary predator

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